CoCreative Workshop 2022

December 2022

Shaping the Transportation Transition Together – That was the goal of the Co-Creation Workshop ‘Parklets for the Portuguese Quarter’.

On Saturday, December 3, 2022, Mr. Bartz, along with Neighborhood Management Neustadt and Design Consultant Daniel Jenett, invited residents and interested individuals to exchange ideas on the topic of transportation transition and to develop ideas for the repurposing of parking spaces, known as parklets. The project stemmed from an initiative by Mr. Jenett and students from the urban planning department at HafenCity University. In spring 2022, the students and Mr. Jenett extensively studied the public space in the Portuguese Quarter in Neustadt and developed creative ideas for the design of parklets.

Subsequently, the works were visualized using augmented reality and exhibited and presented in the Portuguese Quarter. Following numerous positive responses from interested parties and residents, the desire grew to continue the project and collaboratively develop and discuss further creative concepts for the design of parklets with residents. As part of the Co-Creation Workshop, residents and interested individuals gathered at the Café of the Swedish Church on Ditmar-Koel-Straße on Saturday. To explain the aim of the project to all attendees, Mr. Bartz and Mr. Jenett began by discussing the previous student project and their desire to offer residents the opportunity to contribute to the design of public space in the Portuguese Quarter. Mr. Jenett also explained the planned digital presentation of the participants’ ideas, which are to be visualized via augmented reality until May and subsequently made visible on-site. Through this digital on-site presentation, residents will get a better impression of the concepts in real size on the street and will be able to vote online on the ideas. After the brief input on the topic and the workshop’s procedure, participants could ask questions and then proceed to the working phase. During this phase, attendees developed their wishes for the public space in the Portuguese Quarter and the characteristics of a parklet, both individually and in exchange with others. Some of these ideas were sketched out.

After the approximately 30-minute working phase, participants then presented their wishes and ideas to the group. It became clear that residents particularly desire more space for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. It was also reported that the Portuguese Quarter needs public toilets. Creative and new ideas were presented for the parklets. These ranged from bicycle parking spaces, a boules court, or a future box to keeping the space free.

The diversity of ideas showcased the creativity in concepts for the use of public space and the desire to involve residents more actively. Participants suggested, for example, informing more people and encouraging participation through flyers in the hallways of apartment buildings. Furthermore, the potential of creative individuals in the Portuguese Quarter was highlighted, and the suggestion was made to involve them in visualizing the ideas. After about three hours of intense exchange, Mr. Bartz and Mr. Jenett, along with the ideas for the parklets, also took note of the desire for an even more intensive involvement of as many residents as possible. Over the next few months, Mr. Bartz and Mr. Jenett will elaborate on the ideas and incorporate them into the project so that interested parties can see the results on-site in May 2023. (text by Jule Grigull)

CoCreative Workshop 2022

In preparation for spring 2023, the ideas will be prepared as installable virtual modules on the street (using WebXR / ARJS), so that they can subsequently be installed on designated parking spaces with the help of

CoCreative Workshop Results:

01. Jens Deye

01.1. Open Spaces

Clear rules that exclude commercialisation of the space.

Free of cars and gastronomy.

01.2. Green Oasis

Green Spaces designed to:

Enclose / border on gastronomy

Avoid overcrowding

Be easily cleaned

01.3. Bicycle Parking

Bicycle house for sheltered bicycle parking.

Limited roof area


02. Elke Seipp + Maurice Paulssen

02.1. Public Toilets

In the Portuguese Quarter, there are precarious conditions regarding the use of public space: There is no possibility to use sanitary facilities without having to consume.

02.2. Boulevard Ditmar-Koel-Str.

Resolve all parking spaces on one side and convert them into an extension of the sidewalk.

On the northern side (evening light):

Preserve existing tree population.

Maintain outdoor gastronomy in its current size (maintain distance from buildings).

Provide more space for pedestrians, so they don’t have to move onto the street (reducing risk of accidents).

Convert delivery and resident traffic to one-way traffic.

03. Jörg Behrschmidt 


Sand track for playing boules. Fence to prevent entry of dogs and protection of the street on the short sides with plants and a ledge for bags.

04. Katharina Fries 

Future Box Space | Green Utopias

On some parklets in quieter streets near Venusberg, greenhouses could be installed. These little houses would serve as beautifully designed retreats, offering relaxation opportunities and providing a space for communal design and communication. Here, plants and flowers can collectively offer a friendly greeting to the neighbours…

05. Lukas Pfundmaier

Resting Box

Solar bench > Solar panel in seating area and battery for charging smartphones

USB Ports

Noise reduction > Back wall with deciduous trees + flower bed

U-shaped seating arrangement

Shade-providing sun sail (white)

Height-adjustable table

Closing of the parklet at 10 PM (by service or mechanism/technology)

Underground construction and raised platform