Public Excursion Portuguese Quarter / Introduction Architecture Summer

As part of the Hamburg Architecture Summer, as well as the individually announced presentation in the Neustadt district, a parking lot on Ditmar-Koel-Straße in the Portuguese Quarter was closed off and marked in May 2023. Every day, visitor groups were led to the activity area and familiarized with the technology and the theme. Afterwards, they could use their own smartphones to view the various proposals live and select their favorites.


7 Days in (Sunny) May 2023

Inspection / Walkthrough in the Neustadt (Hamburg)


Based on a seminar on urban planning/mobility at the HCU (HafenCity University Hamburg), a platform was developed to make installations visible on the street using Extended Reality (XR). This process addresses questions arising within the current transportation transition, particularly concerning how we can optimize street space for ALL citizens.

What exactly is XR? XR stands for Extended Reality, a blend of AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality). It represents a form of presentation and interaction that is expected to fully develop in the coming months and years. Many major and influential companies are involved in defining this term, notably APPLE, which announced its next XR project, the Apple Vision Platform, at WWDC 2023. This signifies a significant expansion in the connection between digital data and specific locations (Spatial Design).

Mixity utilizes this technology to combine real elements (such as a closed-off parking lot) with digital modules (the various proposed new uses). The purpose is to use new means to provide citizens with a fresh approach to questions of fair urban land use.

Many thanks to Kunst Leben e.V., #moinzukunft Hamburger Klimafond, HafenCity University, HAW Hamburg (Digital Engineering and Mobility), and the Hamburg Architecture Summer 2023.




Event of the Hamburg Architecture Summer 2023



Funded by the #moinzukunft Hamburg Climate Fund

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