XR Parklets

Various parklet models are presented, which can be virtually installed onto the designated parking space. For the proper utilisation of participation, it is important that the ideas marked with asterisks are rated (and shared and commented on). So please give your opinion and leave some stars for you favorite! 🙂


1. Bicycle Parking Booth 3.0

Storage space for modern bicycles, individual, secure, and suitable for charging, operated via your smartphone.

2. Public CoWorking Space

Collaborative outdoor workspace (in the shade), fully equipped with USB and Wi-Fi, using public space.


3. Urban Gardening

Utilize the reclaimed space for more greenery, for viewing and also for cultivating (edibles).

4. Green seating parklet

Just a relaxation parklet, sit, relax, and enjoy the flowers and the quality of stay!

5. Open Space

Give the space back to everyone, no parking but also no commerce or consumption. Simply open space!

6. eScooter Parking

A fixed and limited space to securely park the rental scooters, for the users as well as for other individuals (a solution based on the first phase of the project)